Sunday, July 23, 2017

Aloned . . .with God!

Alone with God
All-one with God
Being alone with God
Being all-one with God

It is a terrible grace.
An awesome gift,
but terrifying all the same.
There is no way to get there
except to lose yourself,
to lose what you know of yourself.
And then, the battle is over.
There will be nothing left but God.

Being alone, all-one, with God
is a terrible and beautiful grace.
Terrible, because
the only way there
is to lose yourself.
Beautiful, because
when you lose yourself
there is no one left but God.

You are all-one
Alone with God!

It happened to Jesus
It can happen to you
If you stay with Jesus
it will happen to you.
Alone with God
All-one with God.

Now I understand
why Jesus went out
to the desert hills so often
alone . . .

A Tree Full of Angels
Macrina Wiederkehr

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