Tuesday, February 12, 2019

BE - Attitudes!

(Image source unknown)
The Commonsense Beatitudes

Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves; they will always have entertainment.

Blessed are those who can distinguish between a mountain and a molehill; they will save themselves a lot of trouble.

Blessed are those who can rest and sleep without looking for excuses; they will become wise.

Blessed are those who know how to be silent and listen; they will learn new things.

Blessed are those who are intelligent enough not to take themselves too seriously; they will be appreciated.

Blessed are you if you can look seriously at small things and peacefully at serious things; you will go far in life.

Blessed are you if you can admire a smile and forget a scowl; your path will be sunlit.

Blessed are you if you can interpret the attitudes of others with good will, even when appearances are to the contrary; you may seem naïve but that is the price of charity.

Blessed are those who think before acting and who laugh before thinking; they will avoid foolish mistakes.

Blessed are you if you know how to be silent and smile even when you are interrupted, contradicted or walked on; the gospel is beginning to take root in your heart.

Blessed are you especially if you know how to recognize the Lord in all those you meet; you have found the true light, true wisdom.

Fr. Joseph Folliet (author deceased ~ original source unknown)

Witnesses of Light . . .

Blessed Are You Who Bear The Light
Whisper of Light
by Doris Klein, CSA

Blessed are you
who bear the light
in unbearable times,
who testify
to its endurance
amid the unendurable,
who bear witness
to its persistence
when everything seems
in shadow
and grief.

Blessed are you
in whom
the light lives,
in whom
the brightness blazes ___
your heart
a chapel,
an altar where
in the deepest night
can be seen
the fire that
shines forth in you
in unaccountable faith,
in stubborn hope,
in love that illumines
every broken thing
it finds.

Author: Jan Richardson
From Circle of Grace/
©Jan Richardson. janrichardson.com

Friday, February 8, 2019

Spirit Energy Needed . . .

Come, Holy Spirit ~
Replace the tension within me with a holy relaxation,
Replace the turbulence within me with a sacred calm,
Replace the anxiety within me with a quiet confidence,
Replace the fear within me with a strong faith,
Replace the bitterness within me with the sweetness of grace,
Replace the darkness within me with a gentle light,
Replace the coldness within me with a loving warmth,
Replace the night within me with Your day,
Replace the winter within me with Your spring,
Straighten my crookedness, fill my emptiness,
Dull the edge of my pride, sharpen the edge of my humility,
Light the fires of my love, quench within me the flames of envy,
Let me see myself as You see me, that I may see You                                    as You have promised ~
And be fortunate according to Your word, “Blessed are the pure of heart,
for they shall see God.”                          


Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Cup of Kindness . . .and Hope!

O Divine One,
to You I raise my whole being,
~ a vessel emptied of self. 

Accept O gracious God,
this my emptiness, and                          
so fill me with Yourself ~

Your light,                                                                                    
Your love, Your life ~
that these Your precious gifts may radiate
through me and overflow the chalice
of my heart into the hearts of all those                                 
with whom I come in contact                                    
this day ~ revealing unto                                               
them the beauty of
Your joy
and the
of Your peace,
which nothing can destroy.
An Ancient Sufi Prayer . . .