Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Soul Listening . . .

Listening to My Soul –

Guardian of my Deepest Self,
I need to be still, to listen,
not only to falling leaves
and the gentle wind;
I need to listen to my soul,
too long neglected
while I bowed to the wild cries
of my greedy culture,
ever ravenous
for my undivided attention:
Do more, Buy more,
See more, Be more, Go more.

+ + + +

Let me be still
amid the beauty of earth.
Let me be a silent admirer
of all that is sacred.

Let me be reverent
in the presence of another.

Let me restore my inner eye.
Let me put to rest the wildness
of endless activity.

+ + + +

Who or what keeps you from giving your deepest self your undivided attention?
What do you hear when you listen to your soul?

Adapted from: Prayers to Sophia by Joyce Rupp

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