Thursday, June 15, 2017

Blessing for this day . . .

Blessing This Day
 I only want to see the day ahead,
 My attention will not go     
  backward into my history,
 And my attention will not go forward
  into my future.
I am committed to staying only
in the present time,
 To remaining grounded in my world,
 To feeling a bond with each person
  I meet,
 To respecting my own integrity
  and my own honor,
 To living within the energy of love
  and compassion this day,
 And returning to that energy when
  I don’t feel it,
 To making wise and blessed choices
  with my will, 
 To maintaining perceptions of                  
 wisdom and non-judgment,
 To release the need to know why things happen

 the way they do,
 And to not project expectations over how
 I want this day to be ___
 And how I want others to be.
 And finally, my last prayer to trust the Divine.
 With that I bless my day with gratitude and love.
   Caroline Myss

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