Monday, January 9, 2017

Witnesses of Light . . .

Lord, make me your witness. In this world of darkness, let my light shine.
In this world of lies, let me speak the good news of truth.
In this world of hate and fear, let me radiate your love. 
In this world of despair, let me spread hope. 
In this world of systemic injustice and institutionalized evil, let me promote justice and goodness.

In this world of sadness and sorrow, let me bring joy.
In this world of cruelty and condemnation, let me show your compassion.
In this world of vengeance and retaliation, let me offer your mercy and reconciliation. 

In this world of war, let me serve your gift of peace. 
In this world of violence, make me a teacher and apostle of your nonviolence. 
In this world of death, let me proclaim the new life of resurrection. 

Help me to witness to the resurrection of Jesus by loving my enemies, showing compassion, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, serving the poor, liberating the oppressed, resisting war, beating plowshares, and disarming my heart and the world.
In the name of the risen, nonviolent Jesus, Amen

Taken from:
You Will be My Witnesses: 
Saints, Prophets and Martyrs
By John Dear

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