Sunday, January 22, 2017

"Fitness Exercise"?


From Litany of Resistance, by Jim Loney
Response: Forgive us, we pray O God.
• For our hardness of the heart
• For wasting our gifts
• For wanting too much
• For wounding the earth
• For ignoring the poor
• For trusting in weapons
• For refusing to listen
• For exporting arms

• For desiring dominance
• For lacking humility
• For failing to risk
• For failing to trust
• For failing to act
• For failing to hope
• For failing to love
• For failing to negotiate
• For our arrogance
• For our impatience
• For our pride
• For our silence
Response: Change our hearts, we pray O God.
• That we learn compassion
• That we embrace nonviolence
• That we act in justice
• That we live in hope

• That we do your will
• That we love our enemies
• That we strive to be peacemakers
• That we live simply

• That we practice sharing
• That we protect the earth
• That we cherish life
 (Adapted from Pax Christi USA)

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