Thursday, January 5, 2017

Epiphany and the Star Child!

Image from Hubble Space Telescope
Magnificat of the Magi (Matthew. 2:1-12)

I am immersed in peaceful silence in the presence
of those you lead to us, my God.
With quiet awe my spirit listens to the story of the star-led
quest for this newly born one.

I feel your knowing eyes probing the depth of my
wonder-filled heart, and my heart respond in the
fullness of knowing.
Yes, this day of recognition, affirmed by wise people,
shall be remembered as long as stars shine,
for in this time the Almighty has become a simple child
through us,
the ones who have united with you to claim your
promised presence.

Holy is this child’s name,
and caring shall flow from age to age
among those who touch our lives.
He lifts his tiny hand to these mighty rulers,
and they understand pure power.

Their prideful eyes are washed clean with tears.
These Magi have disregarded Herod and bow before our little child.
Their hearts overflow with the fruit of their search,
and their rich gifts lie in shadow on the floor.
You have come yourself to Bethlehem, Beloved Creator,
mindful of our trust and your love for your people . . .
according to the promise told by Isaiah . . .
mindful of the trust those who love you have shared from our
parents Sarah and Abraham and their descendants
as numerous and eternal as the stars.

From: Miryam of Nazareth by Ann Johnson

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