Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Beginning of "March Madness" . . .

Painting by Caravaggio: Taking of Christ
And It Was Night . . .

You stumble unseeing from the upper room
and no number of lanterns and torches can dim
your darkness now, Judas. When did you let
the light go out? When did you begin
to guard the hoard and spend starry evenings
behind drawn tent flaps, running the coins
through acquisitive fingers while the company sat
in a circle outside, breaking bread
and talking of light in the crackling campfire?
When did you fine-tune your ears to the clink
of copper and silver and gold, letting
the words of the Master fade out unheeded?
When did you start to begrudge begging hands
and when did you welcome disciples more
for the treasures they gave than the treasures they were?
Now, in the dark of Gethsemane’s garden,
you touch greedy lips to the Master’s cheek –
a cheap giveaway to your cohorts of night.
Irene Zimmerman, OSF
Woman Un-Bent

Painting by Mattias Stom: Christ before Caiaphas

Painting by Antonio Ciseri: Jesus Christ on Trial

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