Friday, March 18, 2016

And God saw that it was good . . .

A first day of spring reflection . . .
On the day of Judgment God will only ask one question:
 “Did you enjoy my world?” (Traditional Jewish Saying)
She stands sentineled near the water’s edge, surrounded by birch, ash, and maple companions with vines entwined between her exposed ground roots. This white oak remains upright and almost motionless as the whispers of the lake breezes float through her branches. Gentle winds seem to tease her leaves as if prompting them to stir with laughter. Her sapwood continues to produce leaves that encircle her like a crown, while her center’s heartwood is now completely spent. This is the prized wood sought after for special wood artistry. Yet she thrives. She becomes our teacher and speaks these wisdoms to us:
♦ Live life by giving your heart-center away.
♦ Always provide shade and shelter for those who seek refuge from this world’s storms.
♦ Be sure to have friends stand by you when struggles find you.
♦ Seek nourishment from the waters of laughter, prayer, love, and solitude.
♦ Enjoy the beauty of creation and let butterflies teach you about transformation.
♦ Dream often and reach beyond the possible.
♦ Practice speaking words of comfort, mercy, and forgiveness.
♦ Don’t be afraid to bend and risk a new perspective.
♦ Always be a learner and trust in your talents.
♦ Be curious and chance walking to the edge.
♦ Be content when your growth is steady and slow,
for that is what makes you of value.

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