Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mary and Martha ~ Touched by the Holy!

Bethany Decisions (Luke 10:38-42)
Martha and Mary by Doris Klein, CSA
As Jesus taught the gathered brothers
and Martha boiled and baked their dinner,
Mary eavesdropped in the anteroom.
Her dying mother’s warning words
clanged clearly in her memory –
“Obey your sister. She has learned
the ways and duties of a woman.”

She’d learned her sister’s lessons well
and knew a woman’s place was not
to sit and listen and be taught.
But when she heard the voice of Jesus
call to her above the din
of Martha’s boiling pots and pans,
she made her choice decisively –
took off her apron and traditions,
and walked in.

Author: Irene Zimmerman, OSF
From ~ Woman Un-Bent

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