Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Path with the Presence!

Walking My Path
by Annette L. Sherwood

Seeking God in my own time and place
there is something Holy in my seeking
My seeking –
the unknown path I walk
steady and slow my pace
sure – and steady
purposeful steps taken
I feel each one touch the ground
there is a holiness to it –
I feel it-
the confidence comes from
accepting my own rhythm –
with Grace of the creative universe
- slow - and constantly moving
steady, strong, sure
as obstacles come to me
I wait, pause, reflect,
and then take my own trusted
course of action –
not always welcomed
and yet – my assured path
step, step
I move again
comfortable within myself
assured that I have wisdom
in God’s guidance
listening and leading
moving deeper within
leaving some behind
with a prayer for peace
and taking another brave step toward
Wonder, Awe, Unknown –
where God dwells
beyond my understanding

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