Monday, September 14, 2015

Feast of the Cross . . .A finding again and again!

Crucifix in chapel at Jesuit Retreat Center, Oshkosh, WI

On this feast of the cross . . .it is continually being found again and
again . . .especially in the lives of the Syrian refugees.

September 14: Feast of the Triumph of the Holy Cross remembers the finding of the true cross by the Emperor Constantine's mother, Helen in early 4th century. Two churches were dedicated in the name of the cross on this day in the 4th century. Therefore, the feast was applied to this day. In the 7th century, the feast was renamed, "The Triumph." The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in 335 was also dedicated on this day. (John Predmore, sj)


Almighty God, source of all compassion,
the promise of your mercy and saving help fills our hearts with hope.
Hear the cries of the people of Syria;
bring healing to those suffering from the violence,
and comfort to those mourning the dead.

Empower and encourage Syria’s neighbors
in their care and welcome for refugees.
Transform the hearts of those who have taken up arms,
and strengthen the resolve of those committed to peace.

O God of hope and mercy,
your Spirit inspires us to look beyond ourselves and our own needs.
Inspire leaders to choose peace over violence
and to seek reconciliation with enemies.
Inspire churches around the world with compassion for the people of Syria, and fill us with hope for a future of peace built on justice for all.
Amen. (Adapted from USCCB)

Syrian refugee women and children sit outside a tent during a sandstorm at a refugee camp on September 8, 2015 near the Bekaa Valley village of Taalabaya, Lebanon (AFP Photo/-)

Syrian refugees are reflected in a puddle as they wait for their turn to enter Macedonia at Greece's border, near the Greek village of Idomeni, September 11, 2015. Some 7,600 migrants, many of them refugees from the Syrian war, entered Macedonia from Greece between 6 p.m. (1600 GMT) on Wednesday and 6 p.m. on Thursday, an official with the United Nations refugee agency said on the border. (REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis)

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