Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Awareness . . .

A consistent contemplative practice can help you stay open and receptive during ‘adventures’ into the unfamiliar as well as during periods of ordinariness . . .

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Any true contemplation or meditation gradually overcomes your autonomous and success-driven ego. It slowly undoes any illusion that your cracked thinking can get you out of this inexplicable world. It overcomes the shapeless anxiety that comes from the inherent mystery of life and all of your attempts at evasion. That is why your politics, time usage, and economics will change. If they don’t, I doubt if your prayer is invading your unconscious. If your prayer goes deep, your whole view of the world will change from fear to connection because you don’t live inside your fragile and encapsulated self anymore. In mediation, you are moving from ego consciousness to soul awareness, from being driven to being drawn.”

(Richard Rohr, Dancing Standing Still)


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