Monday, July 29, 2019

Futuring . . .

Into the Future
by Rita Cammack, OSF from Denver, CO

“Oh how gently You nudge me into the future, O God!
You nudge me beyond my fears, beyond my hesitations, beyond my questions. You nudge me…lovingly, tenderly, persistently to open my eyes and look with You into the possibilities.

Other times, You push me, O God! You push me past my stout reinforcements, past my frozen expectations, past my solidified way of thinking.

You push me…encouragingly, simply, intentionally to push past the confines of what I know and let myself be led into the unknown.

Other times, O God, You seem to carry me into the future! You carry me past my entombed pain, past my erroneous misunderstandings, past my clouded vision of others.

You carry me…then draw me…respectfully, forgivingly, and sometimes tearfully to accept myself and others and let love be the healing core.

And then, O God, You are forever beckoning me. You beckon me to move through the darkness into the light, through doubt into confidence, through denial into acceptance.

You beckon me…patiently, joyfully, reassuringly to trust that You are in the future and to let Your grace be enough for THIS moment!” Amen.

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