Wednesday, January 23, 2019

An Ordinary Blessing for Ordinary Time ~

 + Blessing The Ordinary +

Let these words
lay themselves
like a blessing
upon your head,
your shoulders,

As if,
like hands,
they could pass on
to you what you most need
for this day,

as if they could
anoint you
not merely for
the path ahead

but for this
ordinary moment
that opens itself
to you - -

opens itself
like another hand
that unfurls itself,
that reaches out
to gather
these words
in the bowl
of its palm.

You may think
this blessing
lives within
these words,

but I tell you
it lives
in the reaching;

it lives
in the ache
where this blessing

it lives
in the hollow
made by the place
where the hands
of this blessing

From: Circle of Grace by Jan Richardson

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