Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Welcome, Autumn!

Autumn Equinox - Poem by Jacqueline C Nash

On this the first day of Autumn
the sun is now on the wane,
day and night are of equal length
so a balance of light and dark will reign.
Now the nights begin to get colder,
increasing darkness ensues,
the sap returns to the trees roots
and the leaves will be changing hues.
This is a time to look back on our past
and for a future to be planned.
The wheel turns to an ageing year
when we remember all things must end.
We must say farewell to the Summer
as Autumn leaves start to fall
and if we listen very hard we'll hear
the chill of Winter's call.

"Leaves On A Stream", Mindfulness Exercise With Naomi Goodlet


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