Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Holy Wonder!

The Spirit of God is Always with Us at This Time, in This Place
We awaken in our time to a Universe which is holy,
to creation which is not an event in the past, but a living event of the present.
We enter a new mode of human presence where we are not merely observers,
but where each of us is a participant in this moment of evolution.

Like all other creatures, we carry with us Wisdom and Values,
the dynamics of the Universe. But unlike other creatures, we must choose whether 
and how we will live in harmony within this sacred web of creation. May we be open to the Source of All Being, Our God within and among us!

We have the capacity to wonder,
and to celebrate this great mystery of existence within such a magnificent Universe!  
In us the Universe enters into a great celebration of itself.
We are part of the Dance, the Great Work, the Great liturgy which is the Universe unfolding.

Glory to You, O God, Source of All Being!
This great Liturgy finds expression at this moment in us,
gathered here in a posture of prayerful openness, with listening hearts, loving spirits and a holy wonder.

May the sacred web that unites us with each other, our God and all creation,
ignite communities of light and hope throughout the Earth.
May we be open to the Source of All Being, Our God within and among us!


 Together We Pray:
 O Gracious, gentle Spirit of Love,
 Your energy permeates the Universe,
 Igniting Earth with
 Your Goodness, Truth and Beauty.
 Open our minds and hearts
 To a deeper awareness
 Of our interconnectedness with You,
 Each other and all creation.
May we experience
 Your unique presence
 Within the sacred web of creation.
-Author Unknown


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