Monday, May 2, 2016

Spring . . . A Time of Unfolding . . .

The Song of the Seed

Life unfolds a petal at a time – slowly. The beauty of the process is crippled when I try to hurry growth.

Life has its inner rhythm which must be respected. It cannot be rushed or hurried. Like daylight stepping out of darkness. Like morning creeping out of night – life unfolds - slowly - a petal at a time – like a flower opening to the sun, slowly.

God’s call unfolds a Word at a time – slowly. A disciple is not made in a hurry.  Slowly I become like the One to whom I am listening. Life unfolds a petal at a time like you and I becoming followers of Jesus, discipled into a new way of living deeply and slowly.

Be patient with life’s unfolding petals. If you hurry the bud it withers. If you hurry life it limps. Each unfolding is a teaching, a movement of grace filled with silent pauses, breathtaking beauty, tears and heartaches. Life unfolds a petal at a time – deeply and slowly. 

May it come to pass! 

(From The Song of the Seed by Macrina Wiederkehr)

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