Monday, April 11, 2016

The River . . .an Earth Day story . . .

Once, a wandering mendicant monk made a pilgrimage to the Holy River where he had a religious experience. He decided to actually live and pray beside the Holy River and on its bank built a simple bamboo lean-two shelter. At first he supported himself by begging. Then he began selling bottles of Holy River Water to the hundreds of pious pilgrims coming to pray and even bathe in the Holy River - whose waters it was believed healed both body and soul.

When it came time for the pilgrims to return home they inwardly envied the monk who was able to daily live beside the Holy River, but their jobs and family duties made that an impossible dream. So they did the next best thing and took home with them a bottle of Holy River water they purchased from the monk busily dispensing them.

One departing pilgrim, as he was purchasing his bottle of Holy River Water, gave voice to his longing saying to the monk, “Isn’t the Holy River magnificent this morning? My soul takes flight like a bird just seeing the sun beautifully glistening like precious jewels off its rippling waters.” Handing him his bottle of river water the monk asked, “What river?”

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