Thursday, January 14, 2016

Cana Up Close and Personal . . .

Some years ago my niece, Debbie, and her husband-to-be, John, invited me to do the “reflection” at their wedding ceremony.  I was thrilled and honored. However, to gather their sacred story, I asked if I could interview them beforehand. They accepted my request and this is what we did. 

The three of us met one evening and I had two glass pitchers placed in front of them.  One was filled with water, the other one was empty. When we settled in, we prayed and then began our sharing. Each time either one answered my question, they poured water into the empty pitcher until it was filled to the brim. 

Here are a few of the questions I asked them:
• John, what are the gifts that you see Debbie brings to your marriage? 
• Debbie, what are the gifts that John brings to your marriage?
• John, how does Debbie help you grow to be a better person?
• Debbie, how does John help you grow to be a better person?
• What are your hopes and values?
• What do you hold sacred in your relationship?

On the day of their wedding, I placed the glass pitcher filled with the “waters of their friendship” in front of the podium. I also had a second “empty” pitcher alongside the one with water. Thus when I began my “reflections” and re-telling of our night of sharing, I poured some water from the filled pitcher into the “empty” pitcher.  However, with each pouring of the water into the second pitcher, the water was noticeably turning red like a rich wine!  The crowd began to have a soft hum and strained to see the water turning red.

You see, I had put a large amount of red food coloring in the second pitcher (no one could see it since both pitchers were placed on a red cloth) and with each addition of water, the “wine” like water began to fill the pitcher.

I went on to say that as we all witness Debbie and John’s marriage ceremony, we also witness that the “waters of their friendship” were becoming transformed into a rich wine of faith-filled married love.  This transformation continues to deepen for a life time.  And it has – their story continues to spill over with generosity and love for their precious children,  friends, relatives, and for all whom they serve through their work and relationships.

So what is the Good News today?
What "waters" in your life are waiting to be transformed?
What is the "rich wine" that you share with family, friends, co-workers, etc., that brings healing, hope, compassion, peace, or forgiveness?

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