Friday, July 17, 2015

A Summer Blessing . . .

Blessed are you, summer, season of long days and short nights,
you pour forth light from your golden orb,
energizing the earth and calling forth growth.

Blessed are you, summer, with your generous gift of heat.
Your warm breath animates creation,
encouraging all growing things to stretch toward the sun.

Blessed are you, summer, you call us into playfulness,
encouraging us to pause from work. You renew our spirits.

Blessed are you, gracious season of summer, you surprise us
with a variety of gifts from the earth.
We, too, gaze into the earth of ourselves, beholding gifts
waiting to be honored.

Blessed are you, nurturing season of summer, your fruits
and vegetables appear on our tables, changing them into altars.
Tasting of your life, we are made strong.

Blessed are you, summer, host of a star that shines with passion.
Sun-soaked, we reach for your energy that drives us upward and onward.

Blessed are you, sacrament of summer, nature’s green season,
sweet echo of spring.  You speak to us in living color
as you renew the earth with symbols of life for our bodies and souls.

Blessed are you, summer, season rooted in reality.
Even as the perspiration collects on our brow, we experience
your earthly joy.

Blessed are you, summer, with your firefly evenings
You minister to the child in us. You feed our hunger for beauty.

Author: Macrina Wiederkehr/The Circle of Life

Enjoy Summer now – only 158 days until Winter!!!

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