Saturday, December 20, 2014

Welcome Winter . . .

The Agreement
As the Earth revolves around the Sun, we travel in an endless circle of Endings and Beginnings: end of Autumn–beginning of Winter; end of the longest nights–beginning of longer days; end of one cycle–beginning of the next. Winter Solstice is a pivotal moment, a touch-point in time: a betwixt and between. ‘Tis the final death knoll of the past growing season while holding the kernel of birth of the new. It heralds the return of the Light that tiptoes imperceptibly toward Spring. It disregards the petty or profound differences of the Earth’s human inhabitants. Instead, it reminds us of our Connections:
That we are bound together by the same seasons,
 The same Light,
 The same feelings of grief and pain,
 The same celebration of joy and peace,
 The same yearning for Love in all its forms.
 It is a place in Time of Agreement.

(Ulu Ola)

A Winter Solstice Prayer
The dark shadow of space leans over us. . . . .
We are mindful that the darkness of greed, exploitation, and hatred
also lengthens its shadow over our small planet Earth.

As our ancestors feared death and evil and all the dark powers of winter,
we fear that the darkness of war, discrimination, and selfishness
may doom us and our planet to an eternal winter.

May we find hope in the lights we have kindled on this sacred night,
hope in one another and in all who form the web-work of peace and justice
that spans the world.

In the heart of every person on this Earth
burns the spark of luminous goodness;
in no heart is there total darkness.

May we who have celebrated this winter solstice,
by our lives and service, by our prayers and love,
call forth from one another the light and the love
that is hidden in every heart.
by Edward Hays from Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim

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