Sunday, September 14, 2014

An Inner Force!

We carry within us a mysterious inner force for life and love, an ache for the truth, and an indivisible link to creation and creator.

Our lives are ordered toward this end and there’s little we can do but discover that within ourselves. The specific work we do, the specific people we love, the specific stuff of our lives all take their origin and root in this human condition. It’s the code of life for us.

Christ urges us to seek that inner sense of calling which is where God reigns. This is not some heaven light years away; it’s the real thing within us, the thing we most urgently seek, the ache in our hearts, the thing we know deep down that nobody can deny.

This is not a vocation from a distant god at which we must guess; it’s a movement within us directed by a living God pulling us toward ourselves, toward our Self:
a self-for-others
for peace
for harmony
in short, a self-for-God . . .

Each of us can do the thing we most want to do in life which is to say that each of us can live in the reign of God, each of us can follow the pillar of fire in the night, each of us can learn to trust our inner voice.

And if each of us did, there would be no violence, no exclusions, no hatred,  no darkness at all. The light for which the world waits is not coming from above the stars but from within our human selves. The light will come when the energy of God flows through us, when the world sees in us what the world saw in Christ.

‘If everyone lit just one little candle, what a bright world this would be.’

Reflect: What does your inner voice prompt you toward? When you pause to listen, what do you hear deep within yourself?

From: A New Look at Prayer by Bill Huebsch


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