Monday, April 3, 2017

God is taking my picture. . .

A little girl walked to and from school daily. Though the weather that morning was questionable and clouds were forming, she made her daily trek to the elementary school.

As the afternoon progressed, the winds whipped up, along with lightning. The mother of the little girl felt concerned that her daughter would be frightened as she walked home from school and she feared the electrical storm might harm her child.

Full of concern, the mother quickly got into her car and drove along the route to her child's school.  As she did, she saw her little girl walking along.  At each flash of lightning, the child would stop, look up, and smile.

Another and another flash of lighting followed quickly and with each, the little girl would look at the streak of light and smile.  

When the mother's car drew up beside the child, she lowered the window and called to her, “What are you doing?”

The child answered,  
“I am trying to look pretty because God keeps taking my picture.”

When I read this little story, I thought of the camera I recently purchased.  It has a function button that “reads” Smiles. Somehow if I adjust the camera to a certain icon, it can notice the smile of the person I wish to focus on and when they smile the camera flashes!  Wow!  Is it not so in life when someone we focus on beams us a giant smile we just respond in kind and sense that we are loved, noticed, accepted, welcomed?  That’s probably why God can’t get enough of us as well! 

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